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Tulum e-bike Highlights tour

Epic Electric Bike Tour of Tulum Highlights with Cenote

Tulum E-Bike highlights Tour

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Take part in this Electric bike tour of Tulum, taking you through the past & present with a guided tour of the famous Ruins, plus all the highlights including a magnificent cenote, an introduction to the town and more of the natural attractions and local charm that characterize Tulum. If you love to cycle but are worried about the distance or the heat, jump on an E-bike with us to enjoy an epic guided tour of Tulum.


The perfect way to explore Tulum is by bike, with flat roads and short distances, a village packed full of culture & history, ancient ruins, vibrant street art, absolutely delicious tacos as well as the wonders of nature: an open-air cenote surrounded by lush vegetation and a stingless bee farm. 


Beginning with a full historical tour of the famous Mayan temples, your guide will walk you through the fascinating history of the Maya and help you find the best spots for photography. We arrive very early, beating both the large crowds that arrive later and the heat of the sun, giving us privileged views of the Caribbean Sea from the clifftop and excellent photo opportunities. You will also learn about Mayan traditions & beliefs, the importance of Tulum in an ancient trade route, and discover some of the secrets hidden behind Tulum’s walls.


While the ruins are a spectacular ‘must-see’ you will be surprised by the hip vibe of Tulum town, a mix of cosmopolitan beach pueblo and authentic Mexican village. The town has its own particular style that you will enjoy while biking around streets full of mural art, funky architecture, trendy cafes and of course local culture. Our guides will delight in leading you through the stories behind some of these spots, stopping regularly for photos of places you definitely would not find by yourself. This tour of the town will lead us to our favourite local Taqueria, where we guarantee you will be impressed by the authentic flavours, salsas & sazon. Tulum being Tulum, there are also vegan & veggie options available!


After brunch, we ride on through town to learn a bit more about the Mayan rebels who founded the village in the 1860s, see a little of how the locals live, get tips from your guide for where to eat ice cream, drink cervezas, listen to music, dance or shop. This leads us to the Melipona Maya Bee Foundation, a non-profit sanctuary for the native stingless bee. This is an eye-opening visit into the natural world of the region, with the added benefit of sampling lots of delicious honey! This is a surprising and enriching experience, made possible by the fact that the bees are very calm, posing no danger to us at all, as they do not sting.


Finally, we will hit one of the local cenotes for a refreshing and well-deserved swim. Tulum is famous for its Cenotes and no visit is complete without jumping into one. A great way to cool off, swim, relax or have some fun with the swing ropes and high jumps. The clearest of blue freshwater makes swimming in a cenote an absolute joy and your guide will impress you with tales of the underground rivers, flooded caves and the important role of cenotes in the evolution of the Yucatan peninsula.


The tour is designed so that all can enjoy, with cycling made easy by the use of Electric bike between each stop. This is an authentic view of Tulum, led by experienced & dedicated guides who share their love of nature, history & fun with you.








  • Monday to Saturday (two people minimum to operate tour).

  • Private tour available every day on demand.


  • Professional guide

  • Entry & guide to Tulum ruins

  • Entry & time to enjoy Cenote

  • Stingless Bee Farm & Honey tasting

  • Quality E-bike & helmet

  • Taco Breakfast (3 tacos & juice/soda/water)

  • Purified water, fruit and snacks

Tulum by bike
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Tulum by e-bike

"Feel the comfort of the e-bike while cycling in every authentic nook and cranny of Tulum."

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