Temazcal & Cenote

Ancient Therapy for the Soul


Sweat Lodge - Cenote - Mayan Culture 



Temazcal is the ancient ritual of sweat lodge practiced by the native inhabitants of Mexico & North America. It is a cleansing ceremony, designed to release tension, stress and toxins from the mind & body. Through the use of heat, steam & infused herbs, our muscles relax, the pores of our skin open up and our mind is taken away from the usual patterns of thought that occupy it. The ceremony lasts for approximately 2 hours, with a number of breaks to let out the excess heat and a rest to make sure everyone is comfortable.

There are numerous health benefits, particularly for the skin, circulatory system, respiratory system and immune system. But Temazcal is also 'good for the Soul', lifting a weight off the shoulders, leaving us feeling especially relaxed and lighter than usual.

After the ceremony, we will visit a nearby cenote to wash off all the traces of sweat and tension to complete the relaxation process, the cool water feeling especially refreshing after the heat of the sweat lodge. We will also share a delicious meal of regional delicacies and fresh fruits prepared by a local family.

To finish off this special day, we visit Coba archaeological site (optional) outside of regular visiting hours. This site is almost always empty of other visitors at this time, allowing us to cycle through the jungle and climb the Nohoch Mul pyramid in virtual privacy and the evening view out over the jungle is fantastic & inspiring, the perfect way to end a day of exploration, discovery and healing.  

A highly recommended therapeutic, relaxing & re-jeuvenating experience. 


  • An Exclusive Wellness Experience Purification of Mind & Body

  • Connect with your Ineer Self

  • Insight into Mayan Calender & Cosmovision

  • Swim in a beautiful Cenote

  • Sunset from atop a Mayan Pyramid


  • Private Tour

  • Available on demand


  • Depends on Group Size*


  • Transportation in Air-Conditioned

  • Van with cooler (fruit, water, snacks)

  • Temazcal Ceremony

  • Cenote

  • Professional guide

    All Entrance fees 

    After hours vist to Coba (optional)

  • Lunch and non-alcoholic drinks

"An Immersion into the Prehispanic World of Ceremony & Purification - A Captivating and Enriching Experience unlike any other"...

Tour Program

  • 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. pick up at your hotel

  • 12:00 arrival & introduction

  • 12:30 - 14:30 temazcal  

  • 15:00 lunch

  • 15:45 - 17:00 cenote

  • 17:00 - 18:30 optional visit to coba

  • 18:00 or 19:30 drop off at your hotel

* Times are adaptable to your preference

* Please note that this service has to be booked in advance because of the necessary preparations and the availability of the space


  • Those interested in wellness, healing and traditional medicine, as well as spiritual development and pre-hispanic worldview & calendar

  • Not recommended for women during menstrual cycle


- Bathing suit

- Towel

- An extra towel or pareo/throw that will get dirty

- Comfortable shoes or closed sandal if visiting Coba

- Drink lots of water prior to event

- Some cash


Please note that there are no ATM machines in the area, nor do any of the vendors accept credit cards.

The guides appreciate tips for great service, and you are sure to leave with many great memories!





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